Kaspersky Security for Virtualization 5.x Light Agent

Viewing the status of the task

July 3, 2024

ID 131021

One aspect of managing tasks is viewing the current status of tasks.

You can view the current status of the following types of tasks:

  • Real-time protection task
  • Custom scan task
  • Database update task

To view the status of a task, execute the following command:

lightagent status <task type>

where <task type> is the type of task whose status you want to view.

If you do not specify the task type, the application will display a list of all tasks for which you can run this command. Possible values:

  • File_Monitoring. Real-time protection task.
  • Scan_Objects. Custom scan task.
  • Updater. Database update task.

The command displays one of the following task status values:

  • Starting. The task is starting.
  • Running. The task is in progress.
  • Pausing. The task is being paused.
  • Paused. The task has been paused.
  • Resuming. The task is being resumed.
  • Stopping. The task is stopping.
  • Stopped. The task is stopped.
  • Database update is expected. This status is displayed after the application is installed. Databases will be updated after connecting Light Agent for Linux to an SVM. To connect Light Agent to an SVM, you must specify the SVM discovery method.
  • Stop reason. The reason why the task execution finished. Possible values:
    • Unknown. The value is unknown.
    • NeverRun. The task was never started.
    • Completed. The task has been successfully completed.
    • Canceled. The task was aborted by the user.
    • Failed. The task failed due to an internal error.

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