Kaspersky Security for Virtualization 5.x Light Agent

Connecting Light Agent to SVM

July 3, 2024

ID 145527

To ensure proper operation of the application, the Light Agent installed on the virtual machine must be connected to an SVM with Protection Server.

Light Agent can connect only to an SVM on which the version of the Protection Server component is compatible with the version of the Light Agent component. The versions of the Light Agent and Protection Server components are compatible within a single version of Kaspersky Security.

Light Agent establishes and supports a connection with SVMs to send fragments of files to the Protection Server for scanning. If Light Agent is not connected to any SVM, the Protection Server does not scan files. If Light Agent loses a connection to an SVM for more than 5 minutes while running scan tasks, the scan tasks are paused and return an error.

Information about loss and restoration of connection between Light Agent and SVM can be saved as Kaspersky Security Center events and in the local interface of Light Agent for Windows.

To connect to an SVM, Light Agent must receive information about the SVMs to which a connection can be made. Light Agent selects an available SVM that is optimal for connection according to the SVM selection algorithm.

It is recommended to take into account that availability of some Light Agent functions depends on the type of the license used to activate the application on the SVM to which the Light Agent is connected.

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About SVM discovery

About the SVM selection algorithms

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