Settings in the LightAgent.conf file

January 10, 2024

ID 211996

The LightAgent.conf file contains Light Agent for Linux operation settings. The file is located on the protected virtual machine in the /etc/opt/kaspersky/lightagent/ directory.

Root account permissions are required to view and modify the file.

This section describes the settings in the LightAgent.conf file that allow you to configure logging of Light Agent for Linux traces and dumps and usage of Light Agent for Linux system log. Information about other settings, if necessary, can be obtained from the Technical Support.

Unassisted modification of the application operation settings in the ways not described in the application help or in the recommendations from the Technical Support specialists can lead to slowdowns and malfunctions of the operating system, decrease of the virtual machine protection level, as well as to a violation of the availability and integrity of the processed information.

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General settings

[rotation_settings] section

[extra_tracing] section

[syslog] section

[dumps] section

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