Kaspersky Who Calls for Android

Kaspersky Who Calls overview

May 28, 2024

ID 140347

Kaspersky Who Calls helps you find out who is hiding behind unknown numbers.

When you receive a call, the app looks for caller ID info in online and offline (available in the Premium version of the app) databases. The results are displayed in a pop-up notification:

  • If the number is found in the databases, the app displays information about the number, for example, the name of the organization that owns the phone number.
  • If you receive a spam call, the incoming call screen displays a spam label. Once you know the call is spam, you only have to decide whether you want to answer.

You can configure the app to automatically block calls from spammers.

By default, the app displays caller ID info for unknown phone numbers. You can also configure the app to display information about all phone numbers or turn off the caller ID feature.

The option of purchasing a subscription for the premium version of Kaspersky Who Calls in Google Play is currently unavailable for users in Russia. This is due to the pausing of Google Play's billing system for users in Russia. If you are in Russia, you can purchase a yearly subscription on the Kaspersky website. We are currently working on other purchase options and will keep you updated. Thank you for staying with us!

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