Kaspersky Software Updater tool that updates applications installed on your computer



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Kaspersky Software Updater tool that updates applications installed on your computer

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2017 Aug 29 ID: 11827

Don’t have Kaspersky Software Updater?

With the free Kaspersky Software Updater tool, you can perform a swift scan of your PC to check security-critical software and update it in just a couple of clicks.


Kaspersky Software Updater is a free tool that searches for updates of the applications installed on your computer. Software vendors release these updates to eliminate vulnerabilities in their applications and enhance compatibility with other software. Some applications install updates automatically, others require manual updates installation. Kaspersky Software Updater helps you keep your software up to date.

When Kaspersky Software Updater discovers available updates for supported applications, this information is reflected in the Kaspersky Software Updater report. You can install the detected updates for all or selected applications right from the Kaspersky Software Updater report screen.

Additionally, you can download the free Kaspersky Security Scan 4.0 tool to scan your computer for viruses and other threats. For more information about the tool, see this article.


How to install the tool


How to scan your computer for updates


How to set a scan schedule


How to adjust proxy server settings in Kaspersky Software Updater


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