Purchasing and licensing
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What is a key file and an activation code for Kaspersky solutions for business13 April 2023
How to get a key file from an activation code02 May 2023
What to do if the key for a Kaspersky solution for business expired early14 October 2022
Activation code recovery04 May 2018
How to find out the license for a Kaspersky application is illegal14 October 2022
How to switch to a different Kaspersky application11 May 2023
About a trial license and subscription for Kaspersky applications09 August 2022
Extended support for products for business28 February 2018
About auto-renewal for Kaspersky solutions for home22 May 2023
About activation codes for Kaspersky applications24 May 2023
How to transfer a Kaspersky application license from one device to another26 January 2023
How to save your Kaspersky license before reinstalling the operating system10 January 2023
How to renew the license for Kaspersky solutions for home22 December 2022
What to do if a Kaspersky application prompts you to decrease the license term07 February 2023
How to reactivate a Kaspersky application02 February 2023
Where to buy an activation code for a Kaspersky application19 April 2023
How to view the details of your activation code04 February 2022
Where to buy a renewal code for a Kaspersky application07 February 2023
How to switch to a new Kaspersky application using the activation code29 May 2023
How to cancel an app subscription for mobile devices16 May 2023
"License problem detected" or "Invalid key file" error08 February 2023
How to find the activation code for your Kaspersky application on My Kaspersky20 February 2023
Where to find information about prices for Kaspersky applications, payment options and order details?12 December 2022
What to do if you entered a wrong email address when buying the license22 May 2023
What to do if the license for your Kaspersky application did not renew automatically07 February 2023
How to request a refund for a Kaspersky application22 May 2023
Where to enter an activation code in a Kaspersky application06 February 2023
What to do if you did not receive the activation code after buying a Kaspersky application22 May 2023
How to restore a Kaspersky application after reinstalling the operating system09 August 2022
How to disable license auto-renewal for Kaspersky solutions for home15 March 2023
How to recover an activation code for a Kaspersky application without using My Kaspersky10 February 2023
How to change your payment details or email you specified when buying a license for a Kaspersky application27 September 2022
How to change the number of protected devices for a Kaspersky application08 December 2022
Features of Kaspersky applications for home compared08 August 2022
How to activate a Kaspersky application on multiple devices10 February 2023
Subscription restrictions for Kaspersky applications in Google Play in India22 May 2023
How to enable license auto-renewal for Kaspersky solutions for business14 July 2021
Issues with auto-renewing due to India's e-mandate directive29 October 2021
Payment issues when buying a license or subscription for Kaspersky applications10 March 2023
Frequently asked questions about Kaspersky29 May 2023
How to identify the e-commerce partner from whom you purchased a solution29 November 2022
How to switch to Kaspersky Standard, Plus or Premium11 May 2023
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