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How to take a screenshot28 March 2023
How to find the name and the version number of a Kaspersky application13 February 2023
How to get installation and removal traces of Kaspersky applications09 August 2022
How to get a full memory dump when Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, or 11 stops responding22 July 2022
How to get a Problem Steps Recorder log in Windows 720 July 2022
Get System Info tool11 May 2023
kl1_log tool19 March 2021
Windows 7 memory dump22 November 2022
How to get a Microsoft Outlook log file11 January 2018
EICAR test file for checking Kaspersky applications' behavior30 November 2021
How to get a process dump file using kldumper.exe 27 January 2021
How to get dump files of AVP.EXE process for a Kaspersky application07 April 2023
How to export and import Windows registry keys 12 October 2021
How to get a Steps Recorder log in Windows 815 January 2021
How to collect logs for Kaspersky Consumer programs in Windows14 October 2022
Automatic uploading of Kaspersky applications crash dump files to Kaspersky servers14 October 2022
How to get a full memory dump when Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, or 11 crashes with a blue screen22 July 2022
Contacting the Anti-Spam Lab22 April 2022
How to collect logs of Process Monitor11 December 2020
How to get the dump file of a process in Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 or Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 201911 July 2022
How to get a complete memory dump when Windows 10 crashes with a blue screen17 June 2021
How to get traces for Kaspersky products20 July 2022
How to get Android smartphone's log file21 June 2019
How to collect network traffic logs with WireShark25 April 2023
How to open the Support window in a Kaspersky application15 January 2021
Statement regarding data processing when contacting technical support ("Technical Support Statement")29 May 2019
AVZ computer scanning tool15 October 2021
How to create a bug report on Android devices and send it to Kaspersky29 December 2022
How to create a report about an Android device using the DumpAndroidApps utility and send it to Kaspersky29 December 2022
How to find the version of your operating system16 February 2022
The Android Debug Bridge (adb) tool22 January 2021
How to enable or disable debugging mechanisms in beta version of a Kaspersky application01 December 2021
About Trojan.Multi.Accesstr03 March 2021
How to collect console and HAR logs13 September 2022
How to get System Watcher logs for a Kaspersky application15 April 2021
Windows crashes with a blue screen after a Kaspersky application for business is installed31 August 2020
How to collect basic diagnostic information from a computer using the collect.sh script09 December 2022
Files to send to Kaspersky technical support in case of PDM malware detection22 July 2022
How to configure file and folder access auditing in Windows12 December 2022
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