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Kaspersky Security Scan 4.0


What is Kaspersky Security Scan 4.0

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2016 Feb 01 ID: 12491

Kaspersky Security Scan 4.0 has been released on December 23, 2015. Full version number is

Kaspersky Security Scan 4.0 is a free tool for scanning the computer for viruses and other threats. With Kaspersky Security Scan 4.0, you can check your computer for infection, system vulnerabilities, and other security issues and get recommendations on how to eliminate them and improve the protection of your computer. The tool detects malicious objects based on the information from antivirus databases and quickly reacts on new kinds of threats with the help of Kaspersky Security Network

After performing the scan of your computer, Kaspersky Security Scan 4.0 creates a detailed report on detected threats and vulnerabilities.

Kaspersky Security Scan 4.0 is a diagnostic tool only. It does not disinfect the files and does not delete detected threats. 


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