Secure Connection in Kaspersky Internet Security 2017


Kaspersky Internet Security 2017


Secure Connection in Kaspersky Internet Security 2017

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To protect the Internet connection, use Kaspersky Secure Connection. Kaspersky Secure Connection is installed automatically with Kaspersky Internet Security 2017.

When you connect to a wireless network, Kaspersky Secure Connection checks the connection and, if the network is vulnerable or dangerous, offers to establish the secure connection. Click Enable protection to ensure safe wireless connection.

Image: notification on connection to an unprotected network

Kaspersky Secure Connection will establish protected connection and show a notification.

Image: notification on secure connection   

Kaspersky Secure Connection hides your real IP address and location transfers the data via the secure channel. Use Kaspersky Secure Connection when you shop online or use social networks to protect your credentials and private information.


How to run Kaspersky Secure Connection


How to activate Kaspersky Secure Connection


Possible Secure Connection issues


Limitations of Secure Connection


Video guide

Watch the video to learn how to establish secure connections:

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