How to make a local exclusion for RAdmin files from scan by Kaspersky Anti-Virus version 6.0 Mp4



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How to make a local exclusion for RAdmin files from scan by Kaspersky Anti-Virus version 6.0 Mp4

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2012 Oct 16 ID: 2758

Kaspersky Anti-Virus detects the remote administration program RAdmin as not-a-virus.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus assigns the prefix not-a-virus to the names of potentially dangerous software detected by Kaspersky Anti-Virus components. Such software does not pose any threat itself but might interfere into your computer work or can be used by hackers to steal confidential data from your PC.

If you do not want Kaspersky Anti-Virus detecting RAdmin, make an exclusion for detection of that type of programs via Kaspersky Anti-Virus GUI.

In order to configure an exclusion via Kaspersky Anti-Virus GUI:

  1. Open Kaspersky Anti-Virus and click Settings.

  2. Select the section Protection and click the button Trusted zone.

  3. Open the tab Exclusion rules and click Add to add a new exclusion:
    • in the window Exclusion mask uncheck the box Object and check the box Threat type (to exclude the threat regardless of file location).

      InformationIf you want to set a specific location for the excluded object: check the box Object and specify a file, a folder or an exclusion mask in the field Object.

    • click the link input threat type (or object if the box Object  is checked)

    • type in the following excluded threat mask in the field Enter the threat type name or threat type mask according to the Virus Encyclopedia classificationnot-a-virus:RemoteAdmin.Win32.RAdmin*.

      WarningNever use the mask *RAdmin* because that will make you vulnerable to really dangerous programs like Backdoor.Win32.RAdmin.a).

    • Select Kaspersky Anti-Virus components that will use the exclusion:

      You can configure an exclusion from scan for the following components: File Anti-Virus, Mail Anti-Virus, Proactive Defense, Web Anti-Virus, and Scan.
      • Click the link File Anti-Virus to select the components to use the exclusion rule.

      • If you click the link Selected its value will change to Any and the exclusion rule will be used by all components;
    • Click OK in all open windows to apply the changes.
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