Managing application network rules

By default, Kaspersky Endpoint Security groups all applications that are installed on the computer by the name of the vendor of the software whose file or network activity it monitors. Application groups are in turn categorized into trust groups. All applications and application groups inherit properties from their parent group: application control rules, application network rules, and their execution priority.

Like the Host Intrusion Prevention component, by default the Firewall component applies the network rules for an application group when filtering the network activity of all applications within the group. The application group network rules define the rights of applications within the group to access different network connections.

By default, Firewall creates a set of network rules for each application group that is detected by Kaspersky Endpoint Security on the computer. You can change the Firewall action that is applied to the application group network rules that are created by default. You cannot edit, remove, disable, or change the priority of application group network rules that are created by default.

You can also create a network rule for an individual application. Such a rule will have a higher priority than the network rule of the group to which the application belongs.


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Creating an application network rule

Enabling and disabling an application network rule

Changing the Firewall action for an application network rule

Changing the priority of an application network rule

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