Kaspersky Internet Security display settings

In the Application icon section, you can select the appearance of the application icon: the standard icon or green bear Midori Kuma (Kaspersky mascot).

If you want to return to the traditional K-letter application icon, type IDDQD in the About window. To apply changes, you need to restart the computer.

In the Application icon in the taskbar notification area section, you can turn on application icon animation in the notification area of the Windows taskbar.

If the animation is turned on, the icon changes its appearance depending on the operation performed by Kaspersky Internet Security. For example, if Kaspersky Internet Security is downloading updates, the icon displays a revolving miniature globe.

If the animation if turned off, the Kaspersky Internet Security icon displays only the protection status of your computer: if protection is enabled, the icon is colored; if it is paused or disabled, the icon is gray.

In the Smooth transition between windows section, you can configure smooth transition settings. The smooth transition between windows is done by sliding the new window over the previous one.

In the Design theme section, you can select a Kaspersky Internet Security theme that is different from the default theme. To select a theme, you must select the Use a custom design theme check box and indicate the ZIP file or folder containing the theme in the window that opens by clicking the Select link.

Custom design themes are not available in all regions.

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