How to create a report using the application for Mac


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How to create a report using the application for Mac

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Latest update: March 11, 2021 ID: 14534

To process requests, Kaspersky Lab technical support might need a report generated by the application. The following information will be collected in the report:

  • The names of applications and browser extensions on the device.
  • Startup settings for installed applications.
  • MD5 hashes.

To create a report:

  1. Download the info.tar archive and extract the files from it.
  2. Open Finder. 
  3. Go to ApplicationsUtilities. 
  4. Double-click Terminal

Opening Terminal from Finder 

  1. Drag and drop from the archive to the Terminal window.
  2. Press Enter on the keyboard. 

Moving the file to Terminal 

The report file lk.tar.gz will appear on the Desktop. 

Submit a request to Kaspersky technical support by choosing the topic and filling out the form.

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