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About database update in Kaspersky applications

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Latest update: August 25, 2021 ID: 13318

To update a Kaspersky application in general means to download and install refreshed antivirus databases and application modules on your computer. Antivirus databases contain threat descriptions and methods used to combat them. They eliminate application vulnerabilities, develop the existing functions and add new ones. 

By default, the update is run every 2 hours. At first the product connects to the update server and requests a list of files which have been altered and are in need to be updated. After that it compares the files from the update server with those in the database and downloads (only) the files with alterations. 

We upload updates several times a day, both on weekdays and at weekends. There can be up to 8 updates issued every 24 hours, or more, if necessary. 

If Kaspersky applications use cloud protection services, they constantly receive information about new threats, but they also should be regularly updated. 


What to do in case of database update issues

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