What is a tweaker?

2019 Mar 20 ID: 2822

A tweaker is a special utility designed to adjust and optimize the protection settings of an operating system or a specific application, e.g. system boot tuning programs, registry optimizers, etc.

The settings are adjusted by changing the values of registry keys or configuration files.

A tweaker can help do the following:

  • Improve operating system performance
  • Install applications
  • Get system information
  • Manage autostart elements
  • Configure Desktop settings
  • Manage PC power and protection settings

However, tweakers can also be used by criminals to gain access to a user’s system and run malicious applications.

Kaspersky Lab products have an automatic protection mode set by default and will automatically apply the action recommended by Kaspersky Lab specialists when a dangerous event is detected. However, if the interactive protection mode is set, the application will notify the user about all dangerous and suspicious events it detects. Pay particular attention to notifications about applications that have been launched. If you did not launch the application yourself, we recommend that you do not allow it to run.

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