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Kaspersky Container Security 1.2 Help

July 3, 2024

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What's new

Learn about the new functional capabilities of Kaspersky Container Security.

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Hardware and software requirements

Check the supported orchestration platforms, CI systems, available image registries, and user workstation requirements.


Licensing Kaspersky Container Security

Learn more about license types provided for Kaspersky Container Security.

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Installing Kaspersky Container Security

Prepare for installation and install Kaspersky Container Security in a private or public corporate network.

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Identifying security threats

Scan objects and receive information about detected vulnerabilities, malware, misconfigurations, and sensitive data.

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Risk handling

Accepting risks identified by Kaspersky Container Security (vulnerabilities, malware, sensitive data, and misconfigurations) to change the security status of images.

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Security policies configuration

Configure scanner policies, assurance policies, response policies, and runtime policies to conduct scans in accordance with your requirements.

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Image scanning from registries and integration with CI/CD

During the project build in the CI system, run the Kaspersky Container Security scanner to check the objects in the repository for compliance with the enabled security policies.

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Integration with outputs

Configure integrations with Telegram and email addresses to receive notifications about security events.

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Integration with Active Directory

Configure user roles using data on groups from Active Directory

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Process control within containers

Use container runtime profiles to control processes and applications inside containers.

Security event log

Learn more about registration of user activity and storage of scan results.

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