Identity Theft Check

October 3, 2023

ID 236460

Your phone number is your ID in banking apps, online stores and social media. If someone acquires data linked to your phone number, they can easily impersonate you—and, for example, get a loan in your name.

The Identity Theft Check component checks your phone number against leak databases. After running the check, we will show all places where you have accounts with this phone number, and where the data leak originated. We will also display the categories of data that were leaked, and advise you on what you can do about the leaks. In addition to your own phone number, you can also check phone numbers of your family members. All phone numbers that you add will be checked on a regular basis and if new leaks are discovered, you will receive a notification on your device.

To check a phone number for leaks:

  1. Open the main application window.
  2. Go to the Identity section.
  3. In the Identity Theft Check block, click the Check button.
  4. This opens a window; in that window, enter your phone number and click Check now.

    This opens a window with terms and conditions of processing personal information.

  5. If you accept the terms and conditions of processing personal information, click Accept.

    Results of the check are displayed in the Identity Theft Check window.

    After you add a phone number it will be checked on a regular basis, and you will receive notifications about results of the checks.

  6. If you do not want a phone number to be regularly checked, remove it from the list by clicking Delete device.

When searching for data leaks from accounts tied to a phone number, the following information is processed: part of the hashed phone number, ID of your application in the rightholder's systems, full version of the application.

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