Turning on Where Is My Device

September 28, 2023

ID 72358

To start using Where is My Device:

  1. On the Kaspersky app bottom tab bar, tap All Features.
  2. Tap Where Is My Device

    This opens the Where Is My Device settings.

  3. Tap Turn on.
  4. View the description of the feature and tap Next.
  5. Grant the required permissions to the app. These permissions are necessary to protect your device if it is lost or stolen.
  6. Sign in to your My Kaspersky account if you haven't already done so.
  7. Set a screen lock if you haven’t already done so while configuring App Lock.
  8. Grant advanced permissions to the app by activating Device Administrator. These permissions are needed to perform Where Is My Device commands on the device if it is lost or stolen.
    1. On the screen with information about advanced permissions, tap Next.
    2. Read about the device administrator permissions.
    3. Tap Activate this device admin app.

    Some steps may be different depending on the device model and version of the operating system.

  9. Tap Done.

To make sure that you get your device's coordinates when you execute the Lock & Locate command, go to the system settings and allow using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or mobile networks to determine your device's location. Only using GPS and device sensors may not be enough to locate your device.

Where Is My Device is configured. The main Where Is My Device functions are turned on now. If needed, turn on additional protection functions: SIM Watch and uninstallation protection.

If you do not want to use some of the Where Is My Device functions, in the main screen of the Where Is My Device feature, tap the panel with a function name and turn the switch to off.

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