Turning on monitoring of devices on your network

September 28, 2023

ID 142375

To turn on monitoring of devices connected to your home Wi-Fi network:

  1. Connect to your home Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open Kaspersky app.
  3. On the main app window, tap Smart Home Monitor.
  4. In the Smart Home Monitor section, follow the instructions on the screen to turn on the feature.

After the feature is on, the app will scan the network and show you a list of connected devices and information about these devices.

Without permission to access your location, the Smart Home Monitor feature will work not as intended.

Kaspersky app does not have access to GPS data and does not monitor your actual whereabouts. Permission is only required in order to get information about the Wi-Fi network (SSID, BSSID).

To give the app access to the device's location, ensure that the use of location for your device is turned on and then grant access to location—particularly for Kaspersky app. On some devices, you need to grant permissions manually.

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