Kaspersky Security 11.x for Windows Server

Configuring addressing

June 10, 2022

ID 155679

To set up connection with protected clusters and gain access to network attached storage:

  1. In the Application Console tree, expand the Network Attached Storage Protection node.
  2. Select the Anti-Cryptor for NetApp child node.
  3. Click the Properties link in the details pane.

    The Task settings window opens.

  4. Open the Addressing tab in the task settings.
  5. In the Connection section configure the following:
    • IP address of protected cluster
    • Vserver name
    • FPolicy name
    • Port
  6. To edit the list of protected cluster nodes:
    1. Click the Cluster nodes list in the Connection section.
    2. Enter the node name.
    3. Click Add.
    4. Click OK.

      All existing nodes of a protected cluster must be added to the list.

  7. In the Authentication section enter:
    • Credentials of a user with a privileged access to network attached storage folders: login and password.

      This account should coincide with the account that has been defined during _POLICY CREATE operation on network attached storage side.

    • Credentials of a CDOT Administrator: login and password.
  8. Click OK in the Task settings window.

The configured addressing settings are saved.

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