Kaspersky Security 11.x for Windows Server

About subscription

June 10, 2022

ID 176126

A subscription is a purchase order for the application with specific parameters (such as the subscription expiry date and number of devices protected). It provides the right to use the application within selected parameters (subscription end date, number of protected devices). A Kaspersky Security for Windows Server subscription can be registered with the service provider (for example, your ISP). You can renew a subscription manually or automatically, or cancel it. You can also suspend and then resume a subscription. Subscription management is available through the service provider; you cannot manage a subscription independently.

The subscription management options depend on the service provider. The service provider may offer a grace period for renewing a subscription.

A grace period is a time interval during which application functionality remains unchanged between the end of a subscription and its renewal.

A subscription can be limited or unlimited.

A limited subscription offers a limited license term and is not automatically renewed.

An unlimited subscription is automatically renewed without your involvement if payment is made on time, and does not have a fixed expiration date.

The status of a subscription is displayed in the details pane of the Kaspersky Security node and is updated automatically every hour. You cannot manually update the status of a subscription.

Activation codes obtained by subscription cannot be used to activate Kaspersky Security for Windows Server versions earlier than 10.0.

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