Exporting and importing settings

December 13, 2023

ID 174719

This functionality is available only if the user has the Edit settings privilege.

Kaspersky Web Traffic Security settings can be exported or imported for the following purposes:

  • Backup of application settings.

    If the node with role Control fails, you will be able to import previously exported settings after reinstalling the application.

  • Application deployment on a new server.

    You can configure settings on one server, then export them and create an identical configuration of the application on all servers.

  • Application migration to a new version.

    Prior to upgrading the application, you can export the settings from the old version and import them into the new version.

    Migration from a newer version to an older version is not supported.

When settings are exported, a configuration file is generated with the following information:

  • Application version
  • Application settings that are not relevant to workspaces:
    • Protection rules and access rules that are not associated with workspaces
    • User roles and privileges
    • Accounts of users that have roles outside of workspaces
    • Block pages
    • Protection settings
  • Workspace settings:
    • Criteria for assigning traffic to a workspace
    • Protection and access rules created as part of a workspace
    • User roles and privileges relevant to all workspaces

The generated configuration file is saved locally on the node with role Control.

When importing a configuration file, you can select which settings must be applied:

  • Individual application settings outside of workspaces
  • Workspaces for which all settings will be applied

When importing protection rules from version 6.0 to version 6.1, the Block action is set for the Malicious link object type.

Values of other settings are unchanged after the import is complete.

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