Data transferred to Kaspersky in online licensing mode

June 28, 2024

ID 180002

In online licensing mode, Kaspersky Scan Engine automatically updates licensing information once per day. When licensing information is updated, Kaspersky Scan Engine transfers to Kaspersky information about the installed copy of Kaspersky Scan Engine and the activation code. This information is necessary to perform online activation.

The following information is transferred:

  • Activation code provided during the online activation
  • Identifier of Kaspersky Scan Engine
  • Identifier of the locale used by Kaspersky Scan Engine
  • Full version of the Kaspersky Scan Engine: major, minor, build, revision, and hotfix
  • System date and time
  • Unique identifier of the Kaspersky Scan Engine installation
  • Current activation code status (active or blocked)
  • Expiration date for the activation code
  • The functionality that is available with this activation code
  • The status of the activations limit (if it applies to the activation code)

See also the detailed information about data provisioning.

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