How to delete and reactivate a license


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How to delete and reactivate a license

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2018 Aug 30 ID: 11012

In some troubleshooting scenarios it is required to delete the current license, and then activate the application once again. To remove an existing license, and activate the application, perform the following actions: 

     STEP 1. Open the main window of your Kaspersky Lab solution.

     STEP 2. In the lower right part of the main application window, click License.

     STEP 3. In the Licensing window, click the green X next to the license Key number.

Note: It may say licensing, License expired, license is missing, license is not installed, subscription, or subscription is expired. If you have Kaspersky (Total Security, Anti-Virus, or Small Office Security) these steps will remain the same.


     STEP 4. To remove the license, in the Attention! window click Remove key.


     STEP 5. Click on Activate application


     STEP 6. Enter your activation code in the Activation section and click the activate button.


Note: There is no need to capitalize letters and the dashes will be added for you automatically.


     STEP 7. You will see the Activation Assistant connecting to Kaspersky Lab's activation server. When the activation has been successful, you will see Activation completed successfully Please click Finish.



How to delete and reactivate license in Pure 3.0

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