How to resolve popular issues with Kaspersky applications

Error “Your activation code is already saved in the application” or “Activation code is saved”
id: 13712
"Activation code is not suitable for this application" error
id: 13770
License problem in the My Kaspersky account
id: 14697
Error “Key file corresponds to another application”
id: 14662
“Service provider server is not available” error
id: 14768
Unknown server error when creating a My Kaspersky account
id: 14767
Error "Activation code corresponds to another application"
id: 12018
Network connection error. DNS issue
id: 13771
My Kaspersky account verification is required for activation of the application
id: 13887
The license limit on devices is exceeded
id: 13380
You have exceeded the maximum number of activations allowed for the entered activation code
id: 13593
To activate the application, get connected to My Kaspersky portal
id: 13379
Why do I see a license renewal notification if none of my licenses is about to expire?
id: 15399
Error establishing an HTTPS connection with the Kaspersky Lab server
id: 14953
License issue in Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 MR0 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 MR0
id: 15763
Incorrect password error upon activation of a Kaspersky application
id: 15478
Error "This license expires earlier than the current license"
id: 14205
Network connection error during activation
id: 13913
What to do if the application does not accept your activation code
id: 14664
"Using the trial version of the application on this computer is not available" error
id: 14206



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