How to collect basic diagnostic information from a computer using the script

Latest update: December 09, 2022 ID: 15732

To troubleshoot the issue, a Kaspersky technical support engineer may ask you to attach a report created using the script.  The report will collect all basic diagnostic information from a computer running a Unix-based operating system.

Before sending the report to technical support, remove all information that you consider confidential from it.

To create the report:

  1. Download the archive with the script: collect.tar.gz.
  2. Copy the archive to the computer on which the product that doesn’t work correctly is installed.
  3. Extract the files from the archive:

# tar -xzf collect.tar.gz

  1. Set the rights for running the script:

# chmod +x

  1. Run the script with the administrator rights:

# ./

The report will be created in folder /tmp/$HOST_NAME-collect.tar.gz.

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