Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Mac

Participate in Kaspersky Security Network

September 12, 2023

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When you participate in Kaspersky Security Network, the Kaspersky Endpoint Security application statistics are automatically sent to Kaspersky to enhance protection of your Mac.

Note: Kaspersky doesn't receive, process, or store any personal data without your explicit consent.

Participation in Kaspersky Security Network is voluntary. The decision to participate is made when you install the application. However, you can change your decision later at any time.

Enable Kaspersky Security Network

Data provided to Kaspersky when using Kaspersky Security Network

Note: Depending on Kaspersky Security Center settings, you can participate in Kaspersky Private Security Network instead of Kaspersky Security Network. Kaspersky Endpoint Security notifies you when it switches from Kaspersky Private Security Network to Kaspersky Security Network and prompts you to accept the terms of the Kaspersky Security Network Statement. For detailed information about participating in Kaspersky Private Security Network, see the Kaspersky Security Center help.

Kaspersky Security Network infrastructure

Kaspersky Endpoint Security supports the following Kaspersky Security Network infrastructural solutions:

  • Global KSN is the solution used by most Kaspersky applications. KSN participants receive information from Kaspersky Security Network and send Kaspersky information about objects detected on the user's computer to be analyzed additionally by Kaspersky analysts and to be included in the reputation and statistical databases of Kaspersky Security Network.
  • Private KSN is a solution that enables users of computers hosting Kaspersky Endpoint Security or other Kaspersky applications to obtain access to Kaspersky Security Network reputation databases, and to other statistics without sending data to Kaspersky Security Network from their own computers. Private KSN is designed for corporate customers who are unable to participate in Kaspersky Security Network for any of the following reasons:
    • Local workstations are not connected to the internet.
    • Transmission of any data outside the country or outside the corporate LAN is prohibited by law or restricted by corporate security policies.

By default, Kaspersky Security Center uses Global KSN. You can configure the use of Private KSN in the Kaspersky Security Center Administration Console (MMC) and Kaspersky Security Center Web Console. It is not possible to configure the use of Private KSN in the Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console.

KSN Proxy

Computers managed by Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server can interact with Kaspersky Security Network via the KSN Proxy service.

The KSN Proxy service provides the following capabilities:

  • The user's computer can query KSN and submit information to KSN even without direct access to the internet.
  • The KSN Proxy service caches processed data, thereby reducing the load on the external network communication channel and speeding up receipt of the information requested by the user's computer.

For more details on the KSN Proxy service, see the Kaspersky Security Center help.

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