Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity for Networks

Configuring Asset Management

July 3, 2024

ID 175523

Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity for Networks lets you monitor the assets of a company as represented by its industrial network devices. Devices are identified by the application based on their MAC- and/or IP addresses. The application can receive device data when doing the following:

A devices table is created for the purpose of asset management in the application. The table is populated based on the address spaces configured in the application.

The application can automatically obtain information about devices. Only information that can be identified by the application may be automatically obtained and updated (for example, address information of a device).

For device activity detection and automatic update of information, the corresponding Asset Management methods must be enabled. If necessary, you can manually specify the values of specific data and disable their automatic update to lock the current values (for example, you can lock the device category if the currently defined category differs from the one that is determined automatically).

Some device information must be specified manually because it cannot be automatically updated. For example, you can save specific device information in the device table, and add any absent criteria for sorting and filtering devices. You can also use manually defined information to arrange devices in various groups in the group tree, or filter and search for devices based on device labels.

You can configure Asset Control and edit device information in the Assets section of the Devices tab. You can also view information about the interactions between devices and perform various actions with devices when working with the network interactions map and with the topology map. To conveniently present information about interactions between devices and to enable automatic grouping of devices by subnet, you can generate lists of subnets in the address space based on the specific IP addressing of devices in your company's network.

In this section:

Asset Management methods and modes

Selecting sources of vulnerability data

Manually adding devices

Merging devices

Deleting devices

Manually changing the statuses of devices

About arranging devices into groups

Automatic grouping of devices based on a specific criterion

Manually arranging devices into groups

Moving nodes and groups to other groups on the network interaction map

Manually creating a device group tree

Adding and removing labels for devices

Editing device information

Adding, editing and deleting custom fields for a device

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