Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity for Networks


July 3, 2024

ID 198289

A tag is a process parameter transmitted in the industrial network (for example, a controlled temperature). The values of tags are transmitted and received by devices over specific protocols.

You can add tags to the application in the following ways:

A tag can be added under the following conditions:

After adding a tag to the application, this tag can be used in Process Control rules. In accordance with the conditions defined in Process Control rules, the application will register the corresponding events in which the received tag values may be saved.

You do not need to add this tag to Process Control rules to control tag values when monitoring process parameters.

You can view and edit tags in the Process Control section of the Tags tab.

In this section:

About Unknown Tag Detection

Manually adding a tag

Editing tag parameters

Adding tags to the favorites list

Deleting tags

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