Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity for Networks

Viewing the reports table

July 3, 2024

ID 236186

You can view the reports table in the Reports section on the Generated reports tab of the application web interface.

The report settings are displayed in the following columns of the table:

  • ID.

    Unique identifier of the report.

  • Report name.

    Name of the generated report.

  • Template name.

    Name of the template used to generate the report.

  • Start.

    Date and time when report generation was started.

  • Status.

    Report completion status. The following report completion statuses are provided:

    • Waiting. The report is in the creation queue. A report may have the Pending status when multiple reports are being generated at the same time.
    • In progress. The report is currently being generated.
    • Error. An error occurred when generating the report.
    • Done. Report generation is complete.
    • Canceling. Report generation is being canceled.
    • Canceled. Report generation was canceled.
  • User.

    Name of the user who started report generation or configured the schedule for generating a report based on a template.

  • Run type.

    Type of report generation launch: manually or as scheduled.

  • Completed.

    Date and time when report generation completed.

When viewing the reports table, you can use the configuration, filter, and sorting functions.

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