Kaspersky Thin Client

Managing Kaspersky Thin Client security certificates through the Web Console

October 23, 2023

ID 196698

You can use the Web Console to manage security certificates for a group of devices that have the Kaspersky Thin Client operating system installed. You can view valid certificates, add certificates, or delete them.

After security certificates for connecting to remote desktops or to a log server are added in the Kaspersky Security Center Web Console, thin clients in the administration group will switch to trusted mode. In this case, you will not be able to add certificates through the Kaspersky Thin Client interface.

In the Certificates section, the following information is displayed for each valid certificate:

  • File name shows a certificate file name and its format.
  • Issuer name shows information about the organization that issued the certificate.
  • Subject name shows information about the application for which the certificate was issued.
  • Valid from shows a start date of certificate validity.
  • Valid to shows an end date of certificate validity.
  • Certificate fingerprint shows certificate hash calculated from all certificate details and its signature.

You can sort the list of certificates based on their validity start and end dates, issuer and subject names.

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