Kaspersky Thin Client


October 23, 2023

ID 90

Administration group

A set of devices combined according to the performed functions. Devices are grouped for easy management as a whole. A group may include other groups. Group policies can be created for each thin client added to a group.

Administration Server

A component of the Kaspersky Security Center application that provides centralized storage and management of information about Kaspersky applications installed in an enterprise's network.


An entry containing records of changes made to the state or configuration of a thin client, or errors that require the attention of a system administrator.

Kaspersky Security Center administrator

A person who manages thin client operations through the remote centralized administration system known as Kaspersky Security Center.

Kaspersky Security Management Suite web plug-in

A specialized component that provides an interface for managing Kaspersky Thin Client settings through the Kaspersky Security Center Administration Console.

Kaspersky update servers

Kaspersky HTTP servers from which a Kaspersky application receives updates for databases and application modules.

Managed devices

Enterprise network devices that are included into an administration group.


A policy determines settings of Kaspersky Thin Client and defines access to configuration of Kaspersky Thin Client settings on devices within an administration group. You can create an unlimited number of different policies for Kaspersky Thin Clients installed on devices in each administration group, but only one policy at a time can be applied to each Kaspersky Thin Client device within an administration group.

Thin client

A compact personal computer used for connecting via a network to remote servers that provide data storage and have all necessary for an operation applications installed. A monitor, keyboard and mouse are connected to a thin client.


Secure protocol that uses encryption to transfer data in local networks and on the internet.


A procedure for replacing/adding new files (Kaspersky Thin Client databases or modules) received from Kaspersky update servers.

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