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March 27, 2023

ID 115007

A Kaspersky Safe Kids update fixes bugs, adds new features, and improves the performance of existing features.

Automatic update

Kaspersky Safe Kids checks the update server once a week for a new version of the application. If a new version is available, Kaspersky Safe Kids downloads it to your computer in silent mode.

After downloading the new version, the application compares all agreements from the previous version with the agreements in the update. If nothing requires user actions, Kaspersky Safe Kids starts the update automatically. After the update is installed, Kaspersky Safe Kids prompts you to restart the computer to finish the update.

Kaspersky Safe Kids is not paused during the automatic update.

Manual update

The following cases may require user action during an update of Kaspersky Safe Kids:

  • The update cannot be downloaded.

    Go to the My Kaspersky website and download and install the latest version of the application.

  • Incompatible software is detected on your computer.

    Uninstall incompatible applications and run the update manually.

  • The End User License Agreement or Privacy Policy has changed.

    Run the update manually and agree with the new terms of use.

When you start the update manually, Kaspersky Safe Kids is paused. The application resumes after the update is finished and your computer is restarted.

If you update the premium version of Kaspersky Safe Kids, you continue to use the premium version of the application after the update.

Update Kaspersky Safe Kids manually

After being updated, Kaspersky Safe Kids may reset its calculation of the time your child spends using applications and the computer. In this case, the day's previous time statistics are deleted. If you have set application or computer use time limits, your child may use applications and the computer longer than these time limits on the day of an update. That is why we recommend you to check your statistics after an update.

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