Allow a website or an application on child's request

March 27, 2023

ID 134467

The child can request permission to visit a forbidden website or use a forbidden application. This feature lets you adjust Kaspersky Safe Kids settings on the go as needed.

How it works

When your child tries to open a forbidden website or application, Kaspersky Safe Kids blocks it and displays a notification. Your child can click Ask for permission to request access to the forbidden website or application. The request is automatically displayed on My Kaspersky and on your smartphone or tablet with Kaspersky Safe Kids installed.

You communicate your decision to your child using the Allow or Decline buttons. Your decision is automatically displayed on your child's computer.

Automatic changes to Kaspersky Safe Kids settings

Approved websites and applications are automatically added to the exclusion list and thereafter become allowed for your child. If you wish to change your decision, you can remove a website or application from the exclusion list. For more details, see My Kaspersky help.

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