Limitations and warnings

March 27, 2023

ID 176813

Denylist of applications

By default, the list of restricted applications contains the following applications:

  • Windows Sandbox
  • Yandex.Browser
  • AVG Secure Browser
  • Opera

We don't recommend changing these settings if you want to block harmful content in the browser and block the computer on a schedule.

Compatibility issues

Kaspersky Safe Kids is incompatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 8 style applications.

Kaspersky Safe Kids prevents data exchange over the QUIC protocol (Quick UDP Internet Connections). Browsers use a standard transport protocol (TLS or SSL) regardless of whether support for the QUIC protocol is enabled in the browser.

The firewalls can block the network traffic for Kaspersky Safe Kids. If you have a personal firewall on the computer (for example, as a component of anti-virus software), protect it with a password. The child will not be able to change firewall settings to bypass Kaspersky Safe Kids internet restrictions.

To find out about compatibility of Kaspersky Safe Kids with different browsers, please see the corresponding articles:

Compatibility with Yandex.Browser

Compatibility with the Opera browser

Compatibility with the Mozilla Firefox browser

Limitations of Norton Security

It is possible to block network activity of Kaspersky Safe Kids through Norton Security if it is installed and enabled on your computer. In order to prevent it, we recommend you to protect Norton Security settings with a password.

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