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Password Manager in Kaspersky Total Security

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2014 Nov 12 ID: 11409

Password is the most common method of authorization. In most cases, password is the only obstacle to malefactors who want to access your personal information.

From the Kaspersky Total Security interface, you can open the cross-platform Kaspersky Password Manager. Using Kaspersky Password Manager, you can synchronize your passwords and private data between several notebooks, desktop computers, and other devices (provided that they have Kaspersky Password Manager for Mac, for Android, or for iOS installed). 

With Kaspersky Password Manager, you can create hack-resistant passwords, manage them, and store them safely. For authorization in the database, a master password is used. Kaspersky Password Manager supports multiple user accounts, so each user of a computer can have a separate database.


1. How to download and install Kaspersky Password Manager


2. How to use Kaspersky Password Manager


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