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Kaspersky Security Network in Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2017

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2017 Nov 16 ID: 12946

Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) is a protection mechanism of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2017. It is an information security network which allows for:

  • An additional layer of protection.
  • Real-time information on website, application and file reputation. 
  • An instant response to new threats.

KSN uses cloud antivirus technology.

Your participating in KSN helps Kaspersky Lab quickly obtain data concerning new threats and to develop methods of protection against them. The more users participate in KSN, the more protected their computers become.

Kaspersky Lab does not obtain, process or store any personal user information. Participation in KSN is voluntary. You are invited to participate in KSN when installing Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2017, but you can change your decision later (you can opt in or opt out in the application's settings).

If you agree to participate in KSN, you agree to automatically submit the following data to Kaspersky Lab servers:

  • Checksums of processed files.
  • Information that helps to identify URLs' reputation (no personal data is transferred; sensitive information is excluded from URL strings).
  • Statistics concerning spam (for example, checksums of scanned messages, pictures and attachments; senders' IP addresses).
  • Depersonalized information about your hardware and software.
  • Time spent on various objects' scan.

Kaspersky Lab protects all KSN-related users' information in accordance with the law. Kaspersky Lab uses any retrieved information as general statistics only. These aggregated statistics are generated automatically from the original information received and do not contain personal data or any other confidential information. Original retrieved information is stored in encrypted form; it is cleared twice per year. General statistics are stored indefinitely.

If you refuse to participate in KSN, the data listed above will be only saved locally on the computer without being transferred to Kaspersky Lab servers. As soon as you begin to participate in KSN, all the previously obtained data will be sent to Kaspersky Lab servers.


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