Activation error. Activation code is invalid for this region


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Activation error. Activation code is invalid for this region

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2012 Oct 12 ID: 8714

In some cases the error "Activation code is invalid for this region" may appear on the screen during the activation process.

The error can appear if you try to activate your application using an activation code in one region (country), but the activation code you use is intended for use in another region (country). For example, you bought Kaspersky Internet Security via E-Store in India, but you try to install and activate the application in the United Kingdom.

In order to eliminate the problem, you need to install and activate your Kaspersky Lab product in the region (country), where you bought the application.

If you activate Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 in the region (country), where you bought the application and/or the recommendations given above have not helped you to eliminate the problem, then you are recommended to create a request to Kaspersky Lab Technical Support via the My Kaspersky Account service. Provide the following info:

  • region where you tried to activate Kaspersky Internet Security
  • activation date and time
  • activation code of 20 symbols (4 groups of 5 characters)
  • proof of purchase (copy of receipt from a valid supplier of Kaspersky Lab products)
  • detailed description of the problem
  • IP-address of the computer with Kaspersky Internet Security installed. See KB4522, to read how to find out your computer IP-address
  • screenshot of the main application window of the installed product.
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