How to enable encrypted connections scan in Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac



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How to enable encrypted connections scan in Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

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2013 Aug 19 ID: 9719

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac scans data transferred by the SSL protocol by checking electronic certificates of servers encrypted connection established to.

To scan encrypted connection Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac substitutes the required security certificate by the self-signed certificate. If while visiting a possibly infected web resource its certificate is defined by the program as untrusted, then the application either terminates the connection or suggests to accept/deny the certificate.

Automatic installation of the Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac certificate functions only when working with the web-browsers Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

In order to enable/disable scan of encrypted connections, perform the following actions:

  1. Open the main application window.
  2. In the left top part of the window click Preferences

  1. In the Preferences window go to the Protection tab and check the Scan secure connections (HTTPS) box in the Web Anti-Virus section.
  2. Select the required scan option:
    • Always. The program will always scan all encrypted connections established.
    • Only for Parental Control (the default option). The application will scan all encrypted connections if Parental Control is enabled.
  3. Close the Lock to prevent unauthorized access to the application settings.


  1. Close the Preferences and main application windows.
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