How to activate a Kaspersky application on multiple devices


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How to activate a Kaspersky application on multiple devices

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Latest update: July 22, 2021 ID: 15737

When buying a license, you can choose the number of devices you want to protect. You can also change a device at any moment. For example, you can remove a Mac device and add an Android device instead. We recommend that you manage your devices, licenses, and settings in your My Kaspersky account. 

For the number of available devices and compatibility with operating systems, see the Kaspersky website.

To activate one license on multiple devices:

  1. Install the application on the devices that you want to protect. Make sure the number of devices does not exceed the number of devices that can be covered by your license. For instructions, see this article.
  2. Activate the application on all the devices with the same activation code. For instructions, see the Online Help for a specific application.
For instructions on Kaspersky Security Cloud, see this article for Windows and Mac.

What to do if the application fails to activate on some devices

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