What is a key file and an activation code for Kaspersky solutions for business

Latest update: April 13, 2023 ID: 5006

You can activate Kaspersky solutions for business using an activation code or a key file. The key file or activation code gives you the license certificate.

The scope of services and validity period depend on the type of license under which the application was activated. The following types of licenses are available: 

  • Trial — a free license for a short period which allows to get acquainted with the application.
  • Commercial — a paid-for license provided when the application is purchased.

What is a key file, activation code and license certificate


How to get a trial key file


How to purchase a commercial license


How to calculate the license term for the commercial key file


What happens when the key file term expires


What to do if you lost your activation code or key file


What to do if you experience issues using an activation code

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