AVZ computer scanning tool

Latest update: October 15, 2021 ID: 14612

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AVZ is a free tool for scanning your computer and running a script that quarantines or deletes files that are considered suspicious.


Kaspersky Lab technical support may request that you run the AVZ tool.
Using the AVZ tool, you can:

  • Get a report on system analysis results.
  • Run a script provided by technical support for quarantining files and deleting any suspicious objects.

The AVZ tool does not send out statistics, nor does it process data or transfer it to Kaspersky Lab. The report is saved on the computer as read-only HTML or XML files. These files cannot be used by specialized applications.

The tool is able to automatically create a Quarantine and move copies of suspicious files to it, along with their metadata.

Objects moved to Quarantine are stored on the computer. They are not processed or transferred to Kaspersky Lab. We do not recommend that you restore files from Quarantine as they may harm your computer.


Data contained in the AVZ tool report


How to run a script using the AVZ tool

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