How to generate reports with the KLlogsGather script for Mac OS (OS X)

Latest update: February 07, 2023 ID: 10909

Download KLlogsGather

Click Download to get the archive containing the KLlogsGather script.


When processing your request, Kaspersky Customer Service may require reports generated by the KLlogsGather script. The script collects trace files, crash dump files and some information about the system, for example, a System information report.

For details about what information is collected, you can open the KLlogsGather script in any text editor and read the comments in it.

To generate a report using KLlogsGather:

  1. Download the KLlogsGather.tar archive and extract the files from it.
  2. Open Finder.
  3. Go to ApplicationsUtilities.
  4. Double-click on Terminal.

Opening the Terminal window in macOS

  1. Drag and drop the KLlogsGather file into the Terminal window.
  2. Press Enter on the keyboard.
  3. Type the administrator’s password.
  4. Wait for the script to complete the required operations and close the Terminal window,

Finishing the work of the KLlogsGather script

An archive containing SendToKL reports will be created on Desktop.

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