How to collect network traffic logs with Wireshark for macOS

Latest update: September 1, 2023 ID: 15325

To collect network traffic logs:

  1. Download and install Wireshark
  2. Open the application and click The Capture Options button in Wireshark.

If the application return the error "You don't have permission to capture on local interfaces" at startup, install the ChmodBP file from the installation package of the application. For instructions, see the Wireshark website.

Getting started with Wireshark application

  1. Select the network interface to collect logs. Click Start.

Selecting the network interface to collect logs in Wireshark

  1. Reproduce the problem on your Mac.
  2. Switch back to the Wireshark window and click The Stop button in Wireshark.

Ceasing the log collection process in Wireshark

  1. Click The Save this capture file button in Wireshark
  2. Select the Compress with gzip check box and then click Save.

Saving the traffic logs collected with help of Wireshark

The network traffic logs will be saved to an archive. Send the archive to Kaspersky Customer Service.

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