Kaspersky CyberTrace


February 27, 2024

ID 198872

Specifies the rule for the splitting of incoming events.


InputSettings > EventDelimiter


This element has no attributes.


The value rule must have the following format:


The %START_EVENT_SYMBOLS% value contains the regular expression that corresponds to the beginning of the substring of the incoming event.

The rule processes all occurrences of the %START_EVENT_SYMBOLS% value. If the %START_EVENT_SYMBOLS% value is found in the string of the incoming event, this string will be split into multiple events by the addition of the newline character (\n) before every matched substring.

If the %START_EVENT_SYMBOLS% value does not match any substring of the incoming string, the incoming string is considered a single event.

If an event contains newline characters (\n), such an event will be split by using both the %START_EVENT_SYMBOLS% value and newline characters as event delimiters.


The following is an example of this element.


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