Notes de publication de Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.5 for Proxy Server Maintenance Pack 1 (version 5.5.39)


Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.5 for Proxy Server


Notes de publication de Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.5 for Proxy Server Maintenance Pack 1 (version 5.5.39)

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Dernière mise à jour : 12 déc. 2018 Article ID : 1335

Kaspersky Lab announces release of Maintenance Pack 1 for Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.5 for Proxy Server (build 

What is new: 

  • Added support for Cisco Content Engine, BlueCoat ProxySSG and NetCache appliances. 
  • Added support of Squid 2.6 
  • Added support of 64-bit Linux and FreeBSD distributions.
  • Improved installation and configuration procedure. 
  • Revised the Administrator's Manual. 


  • Added ICAP Preview support. Can be configured by using "PreviewSize" 
  • ICAP "Allow 204" answer can be configured using "Allow204" parameter 
  • Added "processed_traffic" and "clean_traffic" counters in the counters tatistics 


  • Added PassiveFtp=yes in the default config 
  • Implemented Diff updates scheme, which allows significantly reducing update traffic. 

Changed features: 

  • Changed the distribution files layout:
    • For Linux systems new files layout conforms to FHS 2.3 
    • For FreeBSD systems new files layout conforms to hier(7) 


  • Antiviral bases set can be specified for every user group in the section [icapserver.engine.options]. Section [icapserver.engine] is obsolete. 
  • Improved handling of core files. 
  • Backtrace now is stored in a separate file. This file located in the core file directory. 
  • Configuring of group parameters enhanced. 
  • If you want to specify parameters for a group in a separate section, you can specify only parameters you would like to alter in this section. Other parameters will be fetched from the default group for this section.

  • The antiviral scan time limit "MaxScanTime" is in the section [icapserver.engine.options] now. When this time is exceeded, scanned object will produce the "error" verdict. 
  • All objects which fall under one of the filtering rules, obtain the "FILTERED" verdict. 
  • Filtered objects are shown in the report file, if ShowOk it turned on.
  • Parameter "HTTPClientIpField" is obsolete. 
  • Improved performance of statistics 
  • Improved performance of ICAP requests handling. 
  • keepup2date

  • Changed RegionSettings parameter notation according to ISO 3166 
  • DiffUtilPath, UploadPatchPath parameters are no longer used 

Product Installation and Upgrade 

If Kaspersky Anti-Virus is not installed on the computer yet, use the command corresponding to the installed OS to install the application: 

at Linux/RPM: 

rpm -i <PACKAGE>.rpm 

at Linux/Debian: 

dpkg -i <PACKAGE>.deb 

at FreeBSD: 

# pkg_add <PACKAGE>.tgz 

Upgrade from previous versions is not supported. You should manually remove previous version and install new one.

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