Connecting Android devices to a Wi-Fi network

May 17, 2024

ID 123399

Before configuring connection to a Wi-Fi network, make sure that the toggle button in the settings of the security profile for Android devices, in the Management settings > Feature Control section, in the Restriction of device features block, is set to Use of Wi-Fi is allowed.

To connect Android devices to a Wi-Fi network:

  1. Open Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Management Console.
  2. Select the Security managementSecurity profiles section.

    The Security profiles section contains a list of security profiles configured in Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud.

  3. In the list, select the security profile for the devices on which you want to configure access to the Wi-Fi network.
  4. Click the link with the profile name to open the security profile properties window.

    The security profile properties window displays settings available for all devices.

  5. In the Android group, select the Network settings section.
  6. In the Wi-Fi is not configured section, click Settings.

    A page opens listing Wi-Fi networks.

  7. Click Add.

    A page opens for configuring a Wi-Fi network connection.

  8. In the Service set identifier (SSID) field, specify the name of a wireless network that includes an access point (SSID).
  9. In the Security type section, select a security protocol for the wireless network (open or protected with WEP [Wireless Encryption Protocol], or with WPA / WPA2 PSK [Wi-Fi Protected Access]).
  10. In the Password field, enter the network access password if you selected the protected network in the previous step.
  11. If necessary, in the Proxy server address and port field, specify the IP address or DNS name of the proxy server and the port number.
  12. Click OK.

    The new Wi-Fi network appears in the list.

  13. Click the Save button.

After applying the security profile on the device, the user can select the newly added Wi-Fi network in the device settings and connect to it, without specifying the connection settings.

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