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About Smart Protection in VPN

August 24, 2023

ID 143085

Smart Protection technology offers to turn on a secure connection when you connect to the internet via an unsecured Wi-Fi network or open websites and apps where you can enter confidential data.

For example, when you open a website from the Banking category, the app prompts you to turn on a secure connection, so you can perform financial operations safely.

You can configure rules to automatically activate a secure connection for networks, websites, and apps that you use often.

You must turn on accessibility for Kaspersky app to use this functionality.

How to turn on accessibility

If there is no internet connection in an unsecured Wi-Fi network, a secure connection will not be turned on automatically or the app will not offer to turn on a secure connection. The app will notify you that there is no internet connection in the unsecured Wi-Fi network.

Allow Kaspersky app to send you notifications. Otherwise, the app will not be able to warn you and offer to establish a secure connection. For information on configuring notifications, please refer to your OS documentation.

On Android 9-14, the app requests permission to access your device’s location to find information about the Wi-Fi network (SSID, BSSID). The app uses this data to check Wi-Fi networks and turn on VPN, determine your home Wi-Fi network and notify you about connected devices. The app does not use the received data to track the device's location.

Without permission to access your location, Secure Connection and Smart Home Monitor features will work not as intended.

Kaspersky app does not have access to GPS data and does not monitor your actual whereabouts. Permission is only required in order to get information about the Wi-Fi network (SSID, BSSID).

To give the app access to the device's location, ensure that the use of location for your device is turned on and then grant access to location—particularly for Kaspersky app. On some devices, you need to grant permissions manually.

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