Kaspersky QR Scanner for Android

End of app support

April 5, 2023

ID 249507

What’s happening?

As of October 2022, we have stopped developing the Kaspersky QR Scanner for Android as a separate app. This app is no longer available on Google Play and the AppGallery. For now, our technical specialists will still assist with existing installations of the app. However, the app will not receive new features.

At some point in 2023 we will stop all support for the app.


We realized that we could either make two good apps for Android, or one great app. This decision will result in one app that is simple to use, has a more intuitive UI, and provides more solid features for comprehensive security.

Which Kaspersky app provides comprehensive QR scanner functionality now?

All our technologies for scanning QR codes on Android devices have been brought together into one app – the Kaspersky app for Android.

You will find all the features of the Kaspersky QR Scanner in the Kaspersky app for Android, as well as Anti-Phishing, Safe Messaging, Data Leak Checker, Weak Settings Scan, Unused App Cleanup, App Permission Manager and even more.

You can start using this app for free.

How do I migrate to this new app?

You can migrate to this app either by starting the Kaspersky QR Scanner app already installed on your device, or by downloading the new app directly from the store.

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