Activation error. Unable to connect to server


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Activation error. Unable to connect to server

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2012 Nov 20 ID: 8766

If Kaspersky Internet Security installed on your computer displays the error "Activation error. Unable to connect to server", then in order to resolve the problem, perform the following actions:

1. Check whether your computer is not infected by networm Kido

You can find detailed instructions on how to disinfect the networm in the article How to remove network worm Net-Worm.Win32.Kido (aka Conficker, Downadup).

2. Check your Internet connection

Check if you have the Internet access. In order to do so, launch the browser Internet Explorer and open the Kaspersky Lab web site. If you do not have Internet access, contact your ISP for details. Try to activate the application once again after access to the Internet is restored.

3. Configure your Firewall

If Firewall is installed on your computer, make sure that an allowing rule is created for the process avp.exe in the Firewall settings. 

InformationFirewall secures your computer protection on local networks and Internet. Firewall is a program which monitors data transfered via Internet or local networks. According to the Firewall settings, it blocks or allows data transferring.

4. Check the system date

You can find detailed information on how to check the system date in KB3508.

5. Try to activate later

If the recommendations described above did not help to resolve the problem, try to activate later (in about an hour). 

6. Contact Kaspersky Lab Technical Support

If the error keeps repeating create a request to Kaspersky Lab Technical Support via the My Kaspersky Account service. Describe your problem in all details.

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